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New $5,200 Leica M Rangefinder Camera Unveiled

Leica M 262 Camera

Leica has unveiled a more affordable variant of its new entry-level M camera that costs roughly $250 less than the M-E version released back in 2012.

While the $5,195 Leica M (Typ 262) camera does include a relatively easy to use rangefinder system, it does not allow for its users to shoot video or automatically adjust their shots. However, this is no mistake, as while their certainly is the drawback of manually processing shots, the results are, according to Wired, distinctly incredible — achieving what has been referred to as that “Leica Look.”

While what has been removed from the affordable new model is apparent, it does boast the added benefit of a shutter mechanism that is acoustically quieter than its predecessors.

Like the Typ 240, the new Leica M incorporates a 24-MP full-frame CMOS sensor, Leica M lens mount and so on, but there are other additions to the new design, such as an aesthetic tweak which also doubles as a weight saver.

By replacing the old brass top plate with a new aluminum one, the new 262 shaves roughly 100 grams from its overall weight.

Along with the ability to shoot video, the Live View feature has been dropped for the slimmed down design.

Typ 262, which its makers tout as “M in its purest form” on their website, boasts a slimmed down menu consisting of only two pages and, of course, the ability to incorporate the company’s “legendary” M-Lenses — lenses that the company claims to guarantee “images of incomparable quality” even in low-lighting situations.

What do you think of Leica’s new M camera?

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