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U.S Company Sells Out Of Ebola Themed Toys


As if there aren’t enough people trying to cash in on the Ebola crisis but now there is a company in the United States called, ‘Giant Microbes’ cashing in on it as well. As a matter of fact, according to a report by The Star, which was posted on Oct. 17, the company has completely cashed out on the Ebola crisis by selling out of Ebola themed toys.

One toy looks like a curly, brown worm with a cat’s eye and is said to resemble the virus itself. The vice president of the marketing department, Laura Sullivan said they are sold out worldwide. She also said that the toys are in hot demand right now because everyone wants to learn as much about Ebola as they can.

We get it in and sell out in a few days

‘Giant Microbes’ doesn’t just sell Ebola toys but they also have toys for AIDS, Herpes, and many more diseases. They make these toys to teach people about them. This is because every plush toy they sell comes with educational material packaged within it.

Sullivan also said these toys are most often bought by teachers, professors, parents, and even pediatricians.

The company has an advertising strategy they use. Their advertisement on their website says,

Since its discovery in 1976, Ebola has become the T.Rex of microbes. Share the love!

Sullivan also thinks that if anyone is going to make money from something like this virus, they need to be responsible about it.

I think that we have a responsibility to market Ebola very responsibly. Anyone putting out a product around sensitive issues has a responsibility to market the product sensitively and responsibly.

What do you think about Ebola themed toys? Do you think this is going too far? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below.




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