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Ebola TV Series Coming Soon

Ebola TV Series

Is it a coincidence that there may be an Ebola TV series coming to Fox Studios soon? According to a report posted by the Toronto Sun which was posted on Oct. 17, there could be a limited Ebola television series which is based off of the 1994 book titled, ‘The Hot Zone.’ It will be directed by Ridley Scott.  The series has actually been in the making for a year now. However, do you think it is too soon to be putting a series on such a sensitive subject on TV already after more than 4,500 people in West Africa have died from the disease already since March? Not to mention the fact that it is now coming to the United States since one man in Texas died from the disease already.

Although, this new series could be coming to television soon, it will be a limited run series, Fox Studios stated. The book it is based off of is about an outbreak of a disease that spreads throughout Virginia in a primate quarantine facility in 1989.

Also, although the series may be airing on Fox, there is no guarantee that it will be airing on this station or a parent company because it could still be sold to another network. However, since the release of the book back in 1994, it has now become one of the best-selling books on Amazon since it was released two decades ago.

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