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Ben Carson Fires Back At Reporters Who Question His Past

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has hit back at reporters who questioned the veracity of his accounts of his past.

The neurosurgeon turned presidential candidate, known for his mellow demeanor, was described as aggressive as he accused the media of bias.

Carson’s personal narrative, which has helped catapult him to stardom, has revolved around his violent past which was changed through the power of faith.

But this week, several news outlets reported that childhood friends of Carson did not remember the events he had described in books and speeches.

Carson says the media is full of lies and that reporters are targeting him to a higher degree than they did to Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

There is a desperation on behalf of some to try to find ways to tarnish me because they’ve been looking through everything, they have been talking to everybody I’ve ever known, everybody I’ve ever seen.

Reporters spoke with several of Carson’s friends and classmates but could not corroborate Carson’s stories about his violent past, and his campaign declined to comment or help find classmates who would be able to back up his claims.

Questions also arose about Carson’s claim that he was offered a scholarship to West Point. There is no record of him being accepted or even applying. However, Carson claims the scholarship offer was informal and that he never said he officially applied.

According to Carson’s business manager, Armstrong Williams, the doctor always was clear he never applied and let West Point know he was going to pursue medicine as a career.

West Point does not actually give scholarships, but spokeswoman Theresa Brinkerhoff said that the fact that the school does not charge tuition could have been communicated or interpreted as a scholarship.

Speaking at a gala for the Black Republican Caucus of South Florida in Palm Beach, Carson blasted what he calls “the dirty world of politics” and alluded to the fact that he was ready to fight back if he felt he was treated unfairly.

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