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Oprah Winfrey Drops 15 Pounds, Gains $45 Million With Weight Watchers

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Media mogul Oprah Winfrey is not only 15 pounds lighter after having started the Weight Watchers program, she’s also $45 million richer after having recently invested $43.2 million into the debt-laded weight loss company.

The multi-billionaire, who has publicly struggled with her weight over the years, announced on Thursday’s Ellen DeGeneres show that she’s not only “lost 15 pounds” since August 12, but she’s also “excited about Weight Watchers being able to bring a healthier, more holistic approach for everybody.”

As of today, since August 12th, I’ve lost 15 pounds (…) I’m excited about Weight Watchers being able to bring a healthier, more holistic approach for everybody

Her recent win on Wall Street, $45 million in 24 hours, comes as a result of share prices soaring on the heels of the company’s announcement regarding her investment.

She explained to Ellen that she didn’t clue her in on the investment opportunity because she “wanted to play the stay out of jail card.”

Oprah, who Forbes estimates to be worth over $3 billion, didn’t just buy 6.4 million newly-issued shares at over $6 per share, she also joined the company’s board of directors as an adviser. Following her investment into the company, the company’s shares soared, more than doubling – a 105 percent increase in a single day.

By the end of the day, share prices had reached $13.92 and Oprah was tens of millions of dollars richer.

Weight Watchers International Inc. CEO Jim Chambers announced in a statement that the company hopes with the OWN Network’s founder on board, the company can evolve into a company that offers more than just another diet plan — a company that’s about healthy, happy living.

According to Winfrey, she tried Weight Watchers for a brief period of time back in the early 1970s, however, she claims she didn’t actually attend any of their meetings.

While the weight loss company has been losing subscribers and their share price sagging — that is, up until recently — Oprah’s Midas touch has certainly had a profound impact, but do you think the gains are temporary or can Weight Watchers really turn things around and regain lost ground?

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