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Google Photos Hits 100 Million Active Users

Google Photos separated from Google+ in May. In the last five months, Google Photos has collected 100 million active users.

This is a big milestone for the new service as it puts Google Photos on par with similar successful services such as Snapchat which was also at 100 million monthly users last time it released its numbers according to Tech Crunch. Google also announced at its hardware event last month that over 50 billion photos had been uploaded.

Similar numbers took sites such as Pinterest and Twitter years to achieve. Irish Examiner points out that those sites were started years ago and that Google Photos isn’t being used as much for social networking but even still, the accomplishment is pretty impressive.

The Google Photo service allows users to back up every picture and video taken on the central website. Users can also add tags and locations. The assistant feature automatically generates snapshots of days and can be used to create videos of events.  There is also a feature that allows users to search for objects in photos and Google Photos will look for things in all the pictures that are shaped like that object. This is a great way to find all the pictures of someone’s dog or car.

Google Photo is available online as well as through apps on iOS and Android devices. This allows users to back up and have access to their photos wherever they go.

Google has release a video thanking users for their support of Photo. Google also blogged some interesting facts about Google Photo including the fact that food is the most photographed object besides people in their 50 billion photo catalog.

Other tech news includes Instagram allowing computer users to sign up for the previously mobile only service. Mobile users with unlimited data on Sprint’s network are going to see their connection speeds throttled.

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