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Did Christina Ricci And Devon Sawa Hook Up During ‘Now And Then’?

Christina Ricci

Attention ’90s children, Christina Ricci “got with” Devon Sawa in some capacity while they were filming Now and Then, according to co-star Thora Birch.

One of the producers of the hit 1995 film, Jennifer Todd, revealed at the film’s 20th anniversary screening in Santa Monica on Friday that Birch, Ricci, Ashleigh Aston Moore and Gaby Hoffman had somewhat of a bet as to who would “get with” Sawa while they were filming the movie, E! Online reports.

According to Birch, Ricci won the contest. Todd noted that she got out in front of the other girls and they “weren’t happy about it.”

While Sawa politely replied “no comment” to the question, he did say that he “was the only 15-year-old boy with the cast of the hottest young girls in town, so it was a lot of fun.”

Birch went on to reveal that the movie’s squadron of four leading ladies were close, as they “were really good at fighting” with one another.

These four are always correcting each other … that dynamic was really cool and it was present on-set off-camera, too … That’s how we knew we were close … we were really good at fighting.

The film, which was written by Marlene King when she was just 10 years old, is based on her childhood — particularly, the group of friends she had when she was growing up.

This really was my childhood…I had some best friends, we did séances in the graveyard, we loved a good mystery … And my parents were also getting divorced at that time. It really was a true-to-life thing for me.

As for just which girl she is, King jokingly stated that she’s “everyone but Chrissy.”

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