Thousands of Poisonous Spiders Force Family From Home

Not long after a couple in St. Louis, Missouri paid $450,000 for their home overlooking a golf course near a country club, they noticed there was a brown recluse spider problem. One day while Mrs. Trost was taking a shower, she noticed a spider falling toward her from the ceiling. As she dodged it, the spider washed down the drain. However, that was the least of the couples’ problems when they noticed thousands more of the brown recluse spiders literally falling from the ceiling and coming out of the walls. Mrs. Trost stated that the spiders “started bleeding out of the walls.”

They then realized they had a real problem on their hands, according to a report by ABC News which was reported on October 10.

The married couple actually filed a civil lawsuit in 2008 against the previous owners stating they were not warned beforehand about the spider problem. They won the civil lawsuit and gained $472,000 for this real scary problem.

While living in the house, however, they had two pest control companies come in and try to eradicate the problem. However, they were unable to get rid of the deadly pests. During the civil suit, however, researchers noted that there were at least 4,500 to 6,000 brown recluse spiders in the home. Although this is a lot, this research and estimate was done during the winter when the spiders were hibernating and not as active. Because of this, there could have been a few thousand more or maybe even more than that.

The couple have been forced to move out of their dream home and the new owners, The Federal National Mortgage Association, have placed 9 tarps over the house this week. They are filling it with gas to kill every pest that is in there.

The President of the company who was hired by the Mortgage Association to get rid of the spiders for good, finally, stated that there will “be nothing alive in there after this.”

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