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Recommendation Made To ITC Regarding Nvidia’s Lawsuit Against Samsung

A little more than a year after first filing patent infringement complaints against Samsung and Qualcomm, Nvidia has been given a bit of bad news. Administrative law judge, Thomas B. Pender, stated that Samsung did not infringe on two of the graphics patents owned by Nvidia. A third Nvidia patent was determined to not be valid.

According to CNet, Nvidia claims that Samsung is illegally using its technology and is seeking a ban on various Samsung products. Some of these devices include the Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5.

The statement by Judge Pender is not a formal decision but rather a recommendation. The International Trade Commission, or ITC, will be making their decision some time in the future. The commission is comprised of six members and they will review the recommendation by Judge Pender as well as look at previous judgements of the United States Patent Office to make their final determination.

Nvidia has posted on their blog a statement about the recommendation. In it they state that the company intends to continue the case and hopes that the ITC determines that all three patents are valid and that Samsung has infringed on them.

Today’s initial determination is one more step in the ITC’s legal process. We remain confident in our case.

There was no comment given by Samsung.

Nvidia had originally filed the lawsuits with the ITC as well as the District Court in Delaware in September of 2014. Nvidia specializes in graphics and claims that components of many Samsung devices, Qualcomm’s Adreno graphics, ARM’s Mali technology and Imagination’s PowerVR graphics architecture all contain technology that infringes on Nvidia’s patents.

Filing lawsuits with the ITC tends to expedite the resolution of patent issues as the ITC can file a sales ban. This ban can cause financial problems far more quickly than a civil trial, which can take years to resolve. Because of this, companies tend to work to negotiate a settlement quicker than if left to the court system.

Nvidia isn’t the only company to sue Samsung in recent time. Microsoft also filed suit claiming that Samsung didn’t keep its end of a patent licensing agreement they had. Samsung has also been sued by the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission for selling phones pre-installed with bloatware.

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