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Florida Woman Accidentally Glues Her Eye Shut

A woman in Florida who mistook super glue for eye drops — a mistake perhaps not soon forgotten — is making headlines after her unfortunate accident resulted in her eye being glued shut.

The woman, Katherine Gaydos of Lantana, Florida, was within close proximity to a man blowing leaves last week when a piece of debris drifted into her eye. As a result, she asked the man to retrieve her Visine from her purse, but instead, the man accidentally pulled out some glue used to apply fake fingernails and dumped the chemical directly into her eye.

After having had the glue-drops applied, she “felt it burn” before she screaming for the man to dial 911, WPBF-TV reports.

As soon as I felt it in my eye, I felt it burn, and I closed my eye and screamed ‘Call 911’

After having applied the glue, her eye was immediately sealed closed by the powerful adhesive.

Eight days after the incident took place, the woman’s eye was still glued shut.

Initially, upon visiting a doctor, she was prescribed antibiotics and ointment, however, was unable to attain further treatment as a result of a lack of funds, she told WBPF.

The Huffington Post reports that following reports of the woman’s glue incident, the doctor’s office called her back in and another doctor not only managed to open her eye back up, but also scheduled a future appointment to remove what glue remains from her cornea.

The doctor who opened her eye used lidocaine, a tissue numbing medication, during the procedure, according to Fox 59.

Doctors informed Gaydos that no permanent damage or vision loss is expected as a result of the unfortunate mishap.

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