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HDMI Licensing Announces Premium Cable Certification, Ensuring 4K Support

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HDMI® Licensing LLC has gone public with their new Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program. The program will include extensive testing and best practice development for HDMI designers, so consumers can rest assured that their cables will grant them access to top-of-the-line 4K/Ultra HD content.

While HDMI cables are ubiquitous in every modern home, their quality tends to be a little harder to ascertain. Especially now that HD content is less of a perk and more of an expectation, HDMI Licensing understands that buyers want to be sure they’ll get what they pay for. The certification will offer peace of mind via a tamper proof sticker, a label equipped with all the anti-counterfeiting technology available today.

The Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program includes best design practices and testing for 4K compatibility, HDR quality, and wireless interference reduction.

Engadget assures consumers that the new certification will guarantee 4K compatibility, no matter the length of the cable. This will be a welcome advancement in HDMI labeling, especially considering how many devices are turning to 4K quality – even your camera! The days of questionable quality at a premium cost are, hopefully, over… at least as far as HDMI cables go.

Thanks to the program’s set of detailed design and testing requirements, HDMI developers will have to step up their game in order to make the cut. Not only will the testing cover 4K compatibility and HDR quality, but it will also go a long way towards reducing wireless signal interference. This last issue has caused many a headache, given the average user’s multi-device household.

HDMI Licensing LLC currently offers this program to any HDMI Adopter using the HDMI Adopter extranet, and new cables can be sent in for testing today. Users can expect most HDMI Adopters to take advantage of this extra level of legitimacy.

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