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WRIO Keyboard App Successfully Raises Over $13,000 On Kickstarter

WRIO Keyboard App

A new keyboard app designed for mobile devices known as the WRIO Keyboard has successfully raised over $13,000 on Kickstarter — well surpassed its $10,290 goal.

WRIO features thumb optimization, swipe style gestures, special characters, a dynamic layout that learns from and adjusts users, personalized auto-correction and large keys that are easy to press.

As the traditional QWERTY keyboard layout was originally designed for mechanical typewriters employing all ten fingers and most smartphone users use less–two thumbs and a finger–the makers of the WRIO Keyboard figured it was time to reinvent the now 140-year-old QWERTY keyboard. Thus, the WRIO Keyboard was born.

WRIO co-founder David Eberle explained to us in an email that most keyboards are either built on top of the QWERTY design and as such, they fail to resolve the underlying issue of the 10-finger design, or they’re completely new designs that are “very hard to learn” and subsequently lose out on mass appeal. But according to Eberle, this is where WRIO differs, as it not only resolves the fundamental flaw in migrating QWERTY to mobile devices, but it does so “while preserving mass appeal.”

(We have) reinvented the 140-year old QWERTY keyboard

As for what the future holds for the new mobile-optimized keyboard, Eberle tells us that he and his colleagues will be “working on multi-lingual capabilities, a smart auto correction that also allows you to write your own lingo, a dynamic layout that learns from your typing behavior and automatically corrects typing mistakes” as well as tablet support. Not to mention, the possibility of a “Watch version” down the line.

  • Multi-Lingual Capabilities
  • Smart Auto Correction
  • Personalized Lingo
  • Dynamic Layout That Adjusts To User
  • Tablet Support

But all of the ideas for improvements aside, Eberle insists that getting “the basic app in perfect shape” is their primary goal at this time.

We have a lot of ideas but our main priority right now is to get the basic app in perfect shape.

One alpha user of the new keyboard was quoted as having said that the keyboard is not onl bug-free and fast to type on, but “it just works PERFECT” on the OnePlus One.

Another alpha user referred to it as “very good” and quick to pickup.

The keyboard is very good. You learn quickly how to use it.

While WRIO has already achieved its first fundraising goal, it still has two more to go. At $20,000 raised, some of the aforementioned features such as tablet and multilingual support will be implemented. But at $30,000 raised, community proposed concepts will be taken into account.

Those who pledge what is the equivalent to roughly $5 to the app’s crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will receive a free app token that an be redeemed for a free version of the final app with all of its premium features.

The app is presently scheduled to be released in March of next year.

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