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Pax Vaporizers Are Headed To Europe

The Pax Vaporizer

The San Francisco-based Pax Labs company, founded by two Stanford Design Program graduates with the intent of making smoking obsolete, is branching out into Europe, starting with Germany and the UK, Engadget reports.

Back in June, the company announced the finalization of a Series C financing round in which they raised over $46 million towards product development and overseas expansion.

Pax 2 — the new and improved version of its popular predecessor, the original Pax vaporizer — is the first of the company’s vapes to make the trek across the Atlantic. And while it’s now available for purchase on the company’s website, it’s also en route to local retailers, the UK’s brick and mortar outlets.

The original Pax, a portable vaporizer which has seen over half a million units sold in North America alone, might not be coming to the UK in any immediate sense as Engadget reports that “it doesn’t look like” it’ll hit Europe “any time soon.”

According to Engadget, Pax Labs Inc. claims its signed a deal with Rhenus Group, a local logistics company, which will allow rapid expansion and additional product offerings across new countries in the upcoming months.

While the UK and Germany harbor the continent’s two largest economies, that’s not the only reason why the SF-based vaporization company has selected the new territories to expand in, as both countries offer what the company referred to as “significant influence” across Europe’s art, fashion and music scenes. Not to mention the fact that Germany is home to Storz & Bickel, makers of the well known Volcano vaporizers — a couple of desktop vaporizers which were cemented into vaping history when they helped restore faith in loose-leaf vaporizing technology after lesser vaporizers threatened to drag the industry into the depths of obscurity while it was still in its infancy.

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