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Sneak Peek: LG Nexus 5 Final Form Leaked In Latest Photos

LG’s soon-to-be released Nexus 5 mobile phone is entering its final stages of development, and as it does, a series of images of the phone have been leaked.

The most recent round of images reveal a white body with rounded corners, the “nexus logo” on the back as well as a camera and a flash.

One of the leaked images was featured this weekend on Techno BuffaloThe photo came with disclaimer, though the image isn’t confirmed as the authentic phone.

Regardless, there’s been plenty of buzz surrounding the Nexus 5. The device will feature a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, a dual LED flash and an auto-focus sensor which uses a laser to determine its subject.

The phone is rumored to have a 5.2-inch display, a Snapdragon 808 processor and a USB-C port.

The phone is slated to go on sale in October, but there may be a chance it “could go on sale immediately after its unveiling on September 29.”

According to a recent report, LG’s new smartphone could be called the “Nexus 5X,” and it could go on sale immediately after its unveiling on September 29, with prices starting at $399.

Reported David Ruddock from Android Police pointed out that the image is missing the LG logo which usually is found underneath the “nexus” logo. The omission may mean that in some markets the LG logo will be present and in other markets it will not.

Besides that minor detail, the leaked image looks to be “the real McCoy.”

This is the real McCoy – you will likely not get a usefully better look at the back of the upcoming LG Nexus phone until launch, if you ask us.

The phone’s camera is rumored to shoot at 12.7MP. The front of the phone will supposedly be black, giving the Nexus 5 a panda color scheme.

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