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iPhone 6S To Debut With 3D Touch & Next-Gen Force Touch Technology

It’s no secret that Apple is preparing for the release of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

What may surprise Apple fans is that the secretive update may already be installed on the forthcoming 6S phones. According to an article this past week from Forbes, the new feature is a second-generation version of Apple’s Force Touch.

The Force Touch technology is already in use in the Apple Watch and MacBook Pro, but the current technology allows users two types of touches: a standard tap and a press. It also marks the first time Force Touch capability will be available on a phone.

The second-generation Force Touch technology includes a third dimension: the strong press.

Critics of the supposed technology say that phone users may become confused between the varying pressure levels.

Phone users may be further confused by “the results of a tap, press or strong press” depending on which app they are using.

The results of a tap, press or strong press could vary wildly from app to app with no obvious ‘rule of thumb’ or on-screen indications to what the differences will be.

For example, a press in one photo editing app may delete a photo but, in another app, it could save the photo.

On the other hand, the variety of touch options could open up a new set of capabilities for gamers and users concerned about productivity and efficiency.

In other news, The Week (U.K.) has reported that the coming generation of iPhones will have 5 percent less battery power than their predecessor.

The new phones will also be a bit bigger than the iPhone 6 because the new phones use a different type of aluminum that will, supposedly, solve the iPhone 6’s infamous bending issues.

Leaked photos of the phone reveal that, aesthetically speaking, the newer model doesn’t vary much from the iPhone 6.

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