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‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3’ Beta Released For PC And Xbox One

The latest installment of the “Call of Duty” franchise is now available across all platforms as the beta of “Black Ops 3” was released this past week on PC and Xbox One.

Prior to its release on the two platforms, “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” was available in beta for on PlayStation 4, where the game received rave reviews from experts, Forbes reported yesterday.

Treyarch, the game’s developer, said the beta version will continue to include the Reaper Specialist Class, an experimental war robot with a backstory in which the machine was being developed for combat but was then  scrapped. Only one of the prototypes, the story goes, remains.

Along with the beta-guaranteed Reaper Specialist Class comes with a level cap that’s been raised to 34. Developers have also added the Stronghold map.

The PC version of the game “impressed” reporter Erik Kain.

I’ve been pretty impressed with the beta on PC so far.

Eurogamer said that the Xbox One version of the game lacks in the graphics department, pointing out several instances in which enemies, foliage and other elements of the battleground seemed to either be fuzzy, less-defined or blend in with other stationary objects.

Though lacking in resolution, the shoot-em-up classic provides the same “core assets and quality” level of previous versions.

Aside from the large gap in sharpness between platforms due to the resolution deficit on Xbox One, both versions of Blacks Ops feature the same core assets and quality level of effects.

Critics applauded the developers choice to use 900p. In doing so, Treyarch has elevated the game’s stability under load through “a near 60 fps lock game play” that are “rarely-affected” during matches.

Frame-rates are rarely affected across the course of the match while the player is in control and this translates into low latency, high accuracy twitch gameplay.

“Black Ops 3” is the first “Call of Duty” release since the 2014 debut of “Advanced Warfare.” Earlier this year, a beta version of Call of Duty launched in China.

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