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Google Connects Searchers Directly With Home Services

Google continues to experiment with in-search features that provide informative content more directly to those carrying out online searches. Now the San Francisco-based company is providing information about professional home service providers like plumbers and house cleaners directly in search results.

The new feature is being tested within the San Francisco area, allowing local businesses and home care providers to advertise themselves through one of the world’s most globally recognized search engines. Local locksmiths and repair specialists, among others, are reaping the awards of the free exposure.

Many of those who carry out online searches for professional services find it frustrating to jump from one website to the next in an attempt to find the business that best fits their needs and budgets. This new Google feature could boost web traffic – and therefore advertising profits for Google – while also streamlining the research for those looking for professional service providers. Yelp, Angie’s List, and Amazon will be among Google’s competitors should the company decide to extend this feature beyond the geographic reach of the San Francisco area.

“Customers can read detailed reviews, submit a service request, or call your business directly for more information,” said Google in a Bloomberg piece on the topic.

Customers can read detailed reviews, submit a service request, or call your business directly for more information.

The new feature allows the user to select a few potential service providers and send them a message simultaneously. The businesses appear in a list with small photographs, brief descriptions, ratings, general locations, phone numbers, and a direct link that those seeking their services can click to send them a request. Service providers are pre-screened for necessary qualifications, such as licenses that may be needed to operate as a professional in their lines of work.

The perk for users is that they will not need to leave to find the qualified care they need. In the words of one Engadget article, “Instead of Googling for a YouTube tutorial on how to fix your problem, someone who actually knows what they’re doing will be just a click away.”

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