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Lara Croft Returns For Mobile Gamers, Release Date Announced For ‘GO’

Leggy heroine Lara Croft is making her mobile debut on August 27 when the Montreal branch of game developer Square Enix releases Lara Croft GO, a mobile game based on the hit Tomb Raider series.

According to an International Business Times report, the game will cost $5 and is available on Android, iOS and Windows phones.

Gameplay will take place from a top-down perspective. Croft’s various missions will take her through tombs, traps, monsters and a series of puzzles gamers will have to solve in order to move on to the next level.

The game will be based on turns, in which players compete against each other. Therefore, competitors “will have to carefully plan” their choice of moves.

The game is turn-based and players will have to carefully plan their moves to assure that Lara Croft reaches the end with less harm as possible.

Fans of Hitman GO, another mobile game developed by Square Enix, will recognize some aspects of LCG’s game play.

Gaming website IGN tested the game during Microsoft’s recent Gamescom conference. They appreciated the simplicity of the game and celebrated its “elegant and beautiful experience.”

Lara Croft Go – like Hitman Go before it – returns to the origins of the series, works out what really makes the series tick, and repackages it in an elegant and beautiful experience.

The game is “all exploration and puzzle solving.” The only moments of violence come through kill screens that were popular in the Tomb Raider series.

In one particular scene, a wrong move causes Croft to fall in a spike pit where a spear enters the underside of Croft’s jaw and exits through the top of her head.

The IGN story drew interest from readers, who left positive comments about the forthcoming release and noted their love for Lara Croft GO‘s gaming cousin, Hitman GO. One commenter named “schwinnschwinn” said the game “looks very good,” while another person named “daigenbk” said he or she has “been waiting for this one!”

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