Female Rangers: Cop, Pilot Mark First Women To Pass Ranger School

This past Friday First Lt. Shaye Haver and Capt. Kristen Griest became the first two women to pass the Army’s fabled Ranger School.

News of the two females’ accomplishment broke this past week, but the women didn’t officially graduate until the school’s graduation ceremony this past Friday at Fort Benning, Georgia.

FOX News indicated in a report on Friday that Haver and Griest’s accomplishment is tempered by the fact that Pentagon regulations state that women cannot serve in combat — they cannot join the infantry, an armor division or special forces units.

The landmark accomplishment has been hailed by many as an important motivator for the Pentagon to change its rules about women and combat.

Meanwhile, colleagues of Have and Griest and military officials were quick to point out their respect for the two soldiers.

United States Defense Secretary Ash Carter was quoted as saying the two women are “trail blazers” whose determination is a reflection of “what it means to be a Ranger.”

Clearly, these two soldiers are trail blazers. And after all, that’s what it means to be a Ranger. Rangers lead the way.

The San Jose Mercury News quoted Griest’s comments she gave Friday during a press conference. The Afghanistan vet, who is stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, didn’t go as far as to say women deserve a right to fight, but she did express her hope that “new doors” might be opened.

I’m definitely interested to see what new doors do open up for women.

In 2013 the Pentagon ordered the end of a ban on certain combat related jobs which were previously restricted to men, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The Army and other branches of the military have until January 1 to tell the Pentagon for which of those jobs they want exemptions.

Thought a ban exists on women in combat roles, hundreds of women have been wounded or killed in battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Navy officials announced this week that they will open their SEAL program to women.

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