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New ‘Drinkable Book’ Turns Raw Sewage Into Drinking Water

Drinkable Book

A new “drinkable book” has pages that can be torn out to filter drinking water. The book, which has proven effective in its first field trials, contains information on why water should be filtered and instructions on how to filter water printed on paper that is treated to do just that.

The pages contain nanoparticles of copper or silver, which kill bacteria in water, reports BBC. Trials were conducted at 25 contaminated water sources in Bangladesh, Ghana, and South Africa. The pages were successful in removing more than 99 percent of bacteria.

After being filtered by the paper, the contamination of the water was similar to US tap water, the researches report. Small amounts of the copper and silver were leached into the water, but these were well below safety limits.

The results of the trial were presented at the 250th national meeting of the American chemical Society in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. Theresa Dankovich, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, developed the water purifying system based on nanotechnology that is both “inexpensive to create and easily transportable,” reports Tech Times.

“The Drinkable Book,” as Dr. Dankovich refers to the new technology, is directed towards communities in developing countries. She says that there are 663 million people worldwide who do not have access to clean water.

The book is simple to use. “All you need to do is tear out a paper, put it in a simple filter holder and pour water,” says Dr. Dankovich.

In an another study of water, it was discovered that over half of children in the US are not hydrated properly, as a direct result of not drinking enough water.

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