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Donald Trump Takes A Break From Campaign Trail, Reports For Jury Duty

Donald Trump Jury Duty

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reported for jury duty in New York on Monday. The billionaire showed up in a black limo and stopped to fist-bump one supporter and sign an autograph before reporting in, according to Reuters.

Trump joined fellow New Yorkers at the Manhattan Supreme Court to possibly be chosen to sit in the juror box. Television crews and a throng of reporters greeted his arrival. The crowd gathered at the courthouse to watch him emerge from his limo was around 100 people, reports ABC news.

While Trump is expected to report for jury duty just like every other American, his appearance makes the ordeal less than ordinary for other prospective jury members.

One of the jurors told ABC that he hopes he is “as far away from him politically as I can get.”

God, I hope I’m not in the [same] box as him. I am as far away from him politically as I can get.

Another potential juror wasn’t quite as judgmental. “I don’t know, you gotta get to know the guy.”

One reporter asked Trump, “Are you ready?” as he climbed the stairs to the courthouse.

Trump said simply, “I’m ready.”

When he was asked if he was hoping to be selected, the real estate mogul smiled and said, “Not particularly.”

Not particularly. But we’ll see what happens.

Many of the reporters in the crowd took the chance to ask Trump about his immigration plan, to which he would only answer, “A wall will work.”

Trump turned to wave at the crowd before entering the building.

Last Friday Trump issued a speech to a crowd at a New Hampshire High School where he addressed his controversial statements during the recent Republican candidate debate.

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