Cops ID Suspects In Ice Bucket Prank On Autistic Teen

Authorities have identified the suspects behind the sickening ice bucket challenge prank that soaked an autistic 14-year old boy with human body waste, a lawyer for the boy’s family said.

“Police were able to identify a majority of the suspects in the video that actually perpetrated this really heinous act,” attorney Dean Valore told NBC News. “There are still some additional unidentified people, (but) investigators are hoping by the end of the week to turn the case over to the local prosecutor’s office.”

The former Ohio and federal prosecutor said that most of the kids who dumped the bucket of urine, feces and spit on the boy are already named, but the authorities are still trying to confirm who filled the container.
The pranksters would possibly face delinquency charges, including assault and perpetuating a hate crime, Valore said.
The act was supposed to be a spoof of the viral ALS ice bucket challenge where people  dump a bucket of ice over their heads to raise awareness.
But in the prank’s video the boy was shown standing in a garage, wearing only his underwear, when a pail of murky brown fluid was poured over him. The whole act was then uploaded to Instagram.
Despite of the cruel act though, the boy and his family felt “overwhelmed” by the outpouring of support they have received, from celebrities to ordinary people.

“We’ve been inundated with an outpouring, nationally and internationally, of support, both financially and moral support — from celebrities, from moms in their kitchens with autistic kids calling me,” Valore said.

Comedian Drew Carey over the weekend offered $10,000 reward to those who can bring the bullies to justice.

Two more other celebrities, Jenny McCarthy, and Donnie Wahlberg , joined him totaling the reward to $30,000, Fox News reported.

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