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Hillary’s Inconvenient Duo? Gore, Biden Presidential Rumors

The presidential rumor mill has been working overtime lately. Its latest gem? That vice presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden are each going to make their run at the Democratic nomination for president.

According to an NBC News report published yesterday, the rumors are just that: rumors.

Biden has the strongest case for a Democratic run because he’s said in the past that he will decide this year whether or not he wants to be the Democrat Party’s nomination for the 2016 presidential election.

Several of his political allies have encouraged him to run and various private groups supporting Biden’s nomination have sprouted up in the past few months.

Reports have even noted that Biden’s late son, Beau, encouraged the former Delaware governor to run.

While Biden may not have given a public statement about whether or not he will run, he “has not ruled out” a presidential run and is “actively considering a campaign.”

Biden has not ruled out a 2016 run and has long said he would decide later this year … He is taking calls from (his) supporters and actively considering a campaign.

Gore’s camp, on the other hand, is mum about any plans to mount a presidential run.

In fact, the New York Post reported recently, much of the hype surrounding Gore’s ghost nomination came from a BuzzFeed article which pointed out that one veteran Democrat was quoted as saying Gore and his camp are “figuring out if there’s a path” to the presidency but warned followers not to “overstate Gore’s interest.”

The senior Democrat and other sources cautioned not to overstate Gore’s interest. He has not made any formal or informal moves toward running.

Both publications pointed out the rumored participation of Gore and Biden is peculiar because Hillary Clinton has long-been the Democratic candidate of choice for the upcoming 2016 presidential elections.

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