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Windows 10 Update Should Wait, Sony Warns Laptop Owners

Windows 10 upgrade

Sony laptop owners may want to wait to upgrade to Windows 10. Sony recently issued a warning to laptop owners that the company has yet to complete testing and compatibility assessments.

Sony asked laptop owners to be patient before installing the new operating system (OS) because there may be a risk of driver or software corruption that can lead to data loss.

Tech Radar quoted Sony as saying that installing the OS before Sony can complete testing may cause a VAIO laptop to “no longer work as intended,” which may include system crashes or the system becoming unresponsive.

If you do not wait for our test results before proceeding with the upgrade, some of the hardware or features on your VAIO computer may no longer work as intended. In such cases your VAIO computer may experience crashes, become unresponsive, or suffer hardware damage. Your VAIO would then require service and you risk losing all of the data that is stored on your computer.

Sony has promised to have the testing complete by the end of August for customers eagerly awaiting Windows 10 on their Sony laptop.

The Windows 10 upgrade began rolling out at the end of July. Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users can get the upgrade for free on laptops, PCs, and tablets, but it may be a good idea to hold off on the upgrade, regardless of PC brand, according to Newsweek.

The Windows 10 installation may take up to one hour and many UI elements have been drastically changed. For example, the start button is back in its full glory, a change many are welcoming back in lieu of the disastrous app-style start menu associated with Windows 8.

There will likely be some bugs that need to be worked out and connected devices like software and printers may stop working due to the unpredictability that can be found with any upgrade.

So far, Sony is the only computer manufacturer to issue a warning about the oprating system. Competitors of Sony such as Lenovo, Dell, and other laptop manufacturers already have new PCs with Windows 10 installed.

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