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Untreated Hearing Loss Could Lead To Depression, Study Finds

According to several studies, hearing loss is often a trigger for depression, dementia, anxiety, and other cognitive challenges.

Although many people who are gradually losing their hearing neglect proper treatment, there are many innovative devices on the market that can assist them with their challenges, which can in turn help prevent the onset of mental illnesses.

UPI reported that Hope College psychology professor Dr. David Myers said, “Anger, frustration, depression and anxiety are all common among people who find themselves hard of hearing.” He also explained that if public spaces are equipped to be audibly accessible for those hard of hearing, they are likely to be psychologically beneficial to such handicapped individuals.

Anger, frustration, depression and anxiety are all common among people who find themselves hard of hearing (…) Getting people to use the latest in hearing aid technology can help them regain control.

The latest loop technology can assist those hard of hearing with staying audibly intact with their environments. This technology helps direct sound signals into one’s hearing aid and is particularly useful in public settings with some level of ambient reverb and background noise, such as a mall. Medical Daily noted that several U.S. states and other government entities are considering placing this loop technology in taxicabs and government buildings.

Loop technology is but one way that those who are hard of hearing can be assisted with cognition-related challenges. Cochlear implants are also said to be quite effective, with the majority of those who use them discovering improved cognitive abilities after a single year. Perhaps a multifaceted approach is necessary to adequately prevent mental illnesses that stem from hearing loss.

While hearing loss may not be possible to fully prevent for all people, especially those with older family members who have experienced it and those who work in loud environments, the mental and psychological symptoms resulting from hearing loss can be managed the latest technological developments. Those affected by hearing loss should consult a specialist immediately to understand how to curb its cognitive and emotional effects.

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