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Windows 10 Receives Positive Reviews As User Base Exceeds 14 Million

In case you haven’t noticed yet, something’s happening over at Microsoft.

This past week the company announced that their new operation system, Windows 10, has been downloaded by more than 14 million people. Minus a bit of recent complaining from Mozilla CEO Chris Beard, the majority of users have enjoyed the free upgrade, Forbes said in a story recently.

The new operating system scraps the old apps screen that would pop up when users tried to access the start screen. Those apps now pop up on the left side of the desktop when the Start menu is clicked.

Microsoft 10 users will also notice that Internet Explorer has been replaced by Microsoft Edge, a new browser designed to be integrated with the new operating system.

The new operating system also features upgrades several apps, including Mail, Photos and Movie & TV.

The Windows 10 launch officially began on July 29, with users being able to click on a special Windows icon to download the operating system. So far, the release has been a “hit,” Forbes contributor Dave Altavilla wrote.

Literally everyone I’ve talked with, or connected with over social media, loves this new operating system. From enthusiasts, to system admins and casual users, Windows 10 is a hit.

Part of the reason behind the launch strategy is so that Windows will have a big enough following and user base in order to persuade both the general public and business owners to start investing some of their money and products into Windows 10.

About the only high-profile criticism about the operating system came from Mozilla’s Chris Beard, who was quoted as saying he was annoyed that the Windows 10 express install made Edge the default browser.

Despite the complaints of the web-browser CEO, the operating system is becoming more popular. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 also features Cortana, the software giant’s answer to Apple’s Siri.

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