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Google Glass For Work Reportedly Being Distributed To Businesses


While the wearable augmented reality device known as Google Glass has been on an official hiatus since January, it has by no means been abandoned by its creator, as reports have been surfacing over the past few months in regards to an enterprise edition.

Now, the Wall Street Journal reports that the tech giant is “quietly distributing” the new business oriented version of Glass — a version which dropped its predecessors wiry frame in favor of a new system which attaches to different glasses with a button-and-hinge system.

According to the WSJ‘s sources familiar with the matter, Google is distributing the new version of Glass to programmers developing business oriented software for the device.

While the new enterprise edition is being pitched exclusively to businesses, there is hope for consumers, as the WSJ‘s anonymous sources familiar with the matter reportedly indicated that a consumer version is en route, but it’s at least a year out from now.

Jeff Kagan, a wireless and telecom analyst, was quoted by PC World as having said that the “new Google Glass story sounds much better the second time around” and that the idea of taking the device to specific industries to kick things off “sounds like a much better idea.”

The new Google Glass story sounds much better the second time around (…) taking Glass to certain industries to start sounds like a much better idea.

Google is pitching the new version of its wearable computer, which looks like a curved rectangle, to industries such as manufacturing, energy and healthcare, according to the WSJ‘s anonymous sources.

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