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Kingii: Wearable Inflatable Raises Over $563K On Indiegogo


Kingii, a new portable water safety device, has managed to raise over $563,000 on Indiegogo in just 29 days.

The Kingii is, for lack of a better way to describe it, a wrist-worn floatation device which, when activated, causes the wearer’s hand and face to float towards the surface. In a scenario in which the wearer is, for instance, disoriented underwater as a result of having been dragged out to sea by a riptide, the device can be activated in order to quickly pull the user towards the surface of the water.

With less than 48 hours left in the campaign, which is presently well over 800 percent funded, the product’s crowdfunding campaign is already a blatant success.

The campaign’s original fundraising goal was set at $65,000.

The wrist-worn device can be reused, as it’s rechargeable and according to its creators, “there when you need it most.” Not only that, it’s also the “smallest inflatable in the world” and perfectly suitable for all ages, according to its creators.

So if you’re ever in an environment in which you find yourself within close proximity to water — or in it for that matter — then you may want to consider wearing a Kingii on your wrist in order to mitigate your risk of drowning without the necessity of an otherwise bulky safety device such as a life vest.

If you’re interested in buying a Kingii for yourself, you can check out their campaign on Indiegogo where you can currently pick one up, a “SAVE YOURSELF” package, for just $79 plus the cost of shipping. The solo package, if you will, includes one Kingii and two cylinders.

For those who break or lose their cylinders, replacements are available at a nominal fee.

Do you think Kingii or water safety products like it will ever replace the modern hallmark of personal water safety: the personal flotation device (PFD) known as a life jacket?

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