Detroit Roads Rank Fourth Worst In The United States

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A national research group has ranked Metro Detroit’s roads in relation to the rest of the nation and the results aren’t good for those in “Motor City.”

The research was compiled by TRIP — a nonprofit research group sponsored by road builders, labor unions and insurance companies — and released in a report titled: “Bumpy Roads Ahead: America’s Roughest Rides and Strategies to Make our Roads Smoother.”

In the report, which was published on Thursday, the researchers found the roads in Metro Detroit to be the fourth worst in the nation and as a result, it costs an additional $866 a year to operate a vehicle in the city, the Detroit News reported.

As for the absolute worst, that honor goes to San Francisco and Oakland. According to TRIP, 74 percent of the roads in the two cities are in poor condition, which costs drivers another $1,044 each and every year.

Denise Donohue, director of Michigan’s Country Road Association, was quoted by WDIV-TV as having said that TRIP’s recently published findings validate “what drivers already suspect — that the state’s roads are among the roughest in the nation” and that additional funding and Congressional approval will be necessary in order to improve the conditions of the state’s roads.

This report from TRIP validates what drivers already suspect — that the state’s roads are among the roughest in the nation (…) To improve the conditions of the state’s roads will require additional funding from the state legislature and Congressional approval of a long-term, adequately funded, federal surface transportation program.

What are the road conditions like where you live?

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