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Google Glass Enterprise Edition: Rugged, Foldable, Water-Resistant

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Google’s flagship, Google Glass, rolled out a few years ago without much success. After the disappointing sales, Google is ready to launch an improved variant designed to be water-resistant, foldable and more rugged than its predecessor.

The new model, called the Enterprise Edition, is targeted towards the professional and executive market, according to Android Community. The Enterprise wearable resembles its predecessor, the Explorer Edition visually, but comes with significant changes.

The new model will feature a hinge that allows users to fold the computer and battery, much like you would a pair of glasses. This enables the gadget to be carried around, rather than worn around the head with the band that came with the Explorer.

As far as specs go, the Enterprise will come with an Intel Atom processor for better performance, and an improved battery life. Heat management will also be more manageable, and the glasses will feature a bigger prism.

Fortune reports that Google plans to test the Enterprise through its certified Google for Work program participants, meaning the new gadget won’t be available for commercial purchase as the original was.

According to 9to5Google, there will be “no retail availability or marketing at all and in turn no announced retail pricing.”

From what people familiar with the company’s most recent plans have told 9to5Google, the Mountain View company is currently planning to distribute the device exclusively through its certified set of Glass for Work partners. This would mean no retail availability or marketing at all and in turn no announced retail pricing — which is a stark contrast to the Explorer Edition.

While the Enterprise is being geared towards workplace use, Google is reportedly working on the next generation of Glass devices for commercial consumers. Luxottica, the Italian luxury eyewear company, revealed in April that they’re working with Google to develop new devices.

In addition, Google’s Glass team has been moved out of Google X, the research and development facility, and is now under the leadership of Nest CEO Tony Fadell, according to an announcement Google made in January.

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