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How Much Is $100 Worth In Texas?

Texas Money Value

If you’re wondering just how far your dollars go in the state of Texas, you might be surprised by the revelations of the nonpartisan Tax Foundation’s new research which says that you’re actually getting more bang for your buck in the “Lone Star State” than the rest of the country, on average.

Texas, which is the second most populous state in the United States, spans a total area of more than 268,000 square miles, making it the second largest state in the US.

In Texas, a one-hundred dollar bill is actually worth $103.41, which is $3.41 more purchasing power than the national average, according to the numbers that the Tax Foundation has come up with based on Regional Price Parities data sourced from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

To explain, $100 will buy you $103.41 worth of goods in the state of Texas, whereas, looking at Alaska as an example, the same one-hundred dollar bill will only get you $94.34 worth of goods. In the case of Alaska, the value of the dollar is $5.66 below the national average.

As for the Lone Star State’s neighboring states, New Mexico is above the national average by $5.26, Oklahoma by $11.23, Louisiana by $9.65 and Arkansas by a surprisingly high $14.29.

Over in Arizona, $100 buys $102.99 — still above the national average. Needless to say, in such context, the southwest is doing quite well for itself, with one exception: California.

California is far below the national average, coming in at $89.05 — $10.95 below the national average.

The state where your money goes the furthest, according to the research, is Mississippi and at the bottom of the list, where you dollars get you the least, we have Washington, DC.

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