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Washington, DC: Where $100 Is Worth The Least In The US

DC Capitol Building

There’s one place in the whole country where the bang for your buck is less than anywhere else and that one place, according to new research by the Tax Foundation, is Washington, D.C. — the capital of the United States.

According to the Tax Foundation’s research, which is based on data collected by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, $100 in DC is worth $15.04 less than the national average; this in the context of purchasing power when it comes to goods.

While $100 is only worth $84.96 in the nation’s capital, states in what is known as the Deep South are much better off in such regard. In Arkansas, $100 is worth $114.29 and in Alabama, $114.03 — considerably higher than the national average. And in Mississippi, $100 is actually worth $115.21, which is more than anywhere else in the United States — making Mississippi the best state to spend your money in.

So while your dollars might not go far in DC, take ’em down to Mississippi and you’ll find yourself a bargain, according to the research. That’s right,

Today, $100 is the equivalent to 89.64 Euros. In California, it’ll buy you $89.05 worth of goods and in New York, just $86.73 worth of goods.

The Tax Foundation has created a map of the United States which shows just how much $100 is worth in each state by adjusting the value of $100 based on the Bureau of Economic Analysis data for 2013.

In the state of New Hampshire, where Immortal News is based, $100 is worth less than the national average, as it comes in at just $94.43 — $5.57 under the national average.

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