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How Much Is $100 Really Worth In Your State?

$100 Dollar Bills

If you’ve ever wondered how much $100 dollars is worth, a number which varies from state to state, you’re not alone.

The Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan tax research group dedicated to educating taxpayers on tax policy and burden, published a new study on Monday which shows the relative value of a hundred bucks across the United States and the corresponding map illustrating the data has quickly spread across the internet.

So if you’re wondering which state offers the most bang for your buck, according to the Tax Foundation’s research, it’s Mississippi — a state in which $100 is actually worth $115 and change. Next in line is Arkansas where Benjamin Franklin’s face on a piece of paper is worth a little over $114.

But if you’re looking for the worst state in regards to bang for your buck, you’re looking at Washington, D.C. — where a c-note is worth just shy of $85.

The aforementioned dollar values represent the value of goods $100 dollars can purchase in each state in contrast with the national average.

The Tax Foundation’s map of the relative value of $100 across the U.S. is based on data derived from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Chron notes in a report that the value of a $100 bill has the ability to go a lot further in the south than in the northeast.

While high incomes are typically correlated with high prices, some states, such as North Dakota, differ in such regard. In North Dakota, the numbers show high incomes without the high prices generally seen. As a result, while Californians typically earn more, Nebraskans actually have more purchasing power, as their dollars go further.

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