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Justin Bieber Bares Butt And Miley Cyrus Loves It

Justin Bieber bared all for the camera in a recent Instagram pic that broke the internet, sparking a meme showdown with Miley Cyrus leading the pack.

Bieber decided to break the internet, Kim Kardashian style, on Monday night by posting a picture of his bare butt on Instagram.

In the photo, Bieber was on a boat facing the open seas, butt naked. The picture captured his back side more than adequately.


The picture received over 1.3 million likes and over 420,000 comments in a matter of nine hours. It also attracted a sea of memes that made fun at the crazy show of back.

The 21-year-old singer did not offer an explanation for the photo.

Bieber’s unexpected display attracted  a lot of attention from other celebrities such as close friend Miley Cyrus. Cyrus, who had only recently posted a picture of Rihanna’s back side on her Instagram, was so pleased by Bieber’s show, she photoshopped the picture, giving Bieber Kim Kardashian back proportions.


Cyrus then posted the picture next to Rihanna’s and captioned, “Bieber VS Rihanna.”

The “Baby” singer has gained plenty of confidence in his body especially after he started working out. The singer told Men’s Health that he was swiftly showing progress in gaining muscle and that he was excited about the noticeable changes. He said that he’s “finally getting recognition” for getting into shape over the past two years.

You know, I’m just getting bigger, man. It’s like, my shoulders don’t fit in some things. Being on the cover of Men’s Health is really, really cool. I love the fact that I got in shape the past two years, and I’m finally getting recognition for it.

The edition was, however, slammed when it came out for allegedly phototshopping Bieber’s muscles to make them look bigger. The star came out to defend himself by assuring that the photos were 100% real, “not Photoshopped” like some have claimed.

It’s not Photoshopped for all you fools out there saying it’s Photoshopped.

What do you think of Justin Bieber’s butt?

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