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Red Ash: Comcept And Studio 4°C’s Mega Man Legends Successor

At the 2015 Anime Expo in Los Angeles, Keiji Inafune and his team at Comcept revealed their unique third-person RPG experience, Red Ash: The Incredible Legend. Comcept plans to partner with Studio 4℃ to create an open world action game and an anime movie that will feature familiar characters in a universe where humanity has reached the breach of extinction.

Red Ash: The Incredible Legend will be set in a world of treasure hunters and evil robots bent on ending humanity, according to Kotaku. The game will feature Beck and Call from Comcept’s Mighty No. 9.

The accompanying anime project by Studio 4℃ called Red Ash: Magicicada will lead the same heroes through an intertwining journey, but the creators of the projects are free to write their own stories, according to Engadget.

“We want people around the world to look up to this project as an example of what Japanese creators are truly capable of,” Inafune said.

The team has created a Kickstarter page for the project. If Comcept reach their Kicktarter target of $800,000, they will release the opening chapter of the Red Ash chronicles. As of writing, 2,694 backers have pledged $224,299 and 28 days remain.

This successor to the Mega Man Legend Series is set in a universe of robot world wars, class structure and a humanity on the brink of extinction, according to IGN.

A $25 pledge to the Kickstarter project will net you a fresh copy of Comcept’s Red Ash: The Incredible Legend. For $49, you’ll also receive Studio 4℃’s accompanying anime, Red Ash: Magicicada. There are a whole host of other pledge rewards for this incredible gaming and anime experience, including the opportunity to work with the Red Ash team on creating an achievement.

The team has 28 days left to raise funding for the project, but they’re always accepting ideas for free.

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